Snowy The SnowOwlBear!

Well Surprice! Its another day and another surprice file.

Meet Snowy the SnowOwlBear, he’s super cute and also made to be an ornament you can hang on the christmas tree. He’s even got his own little egg ornament house you can put him in, or you can fill it with sweets and hang it on the tree next to him!

I have entered Snowy into a christmas design competition on makerworld, and it would help me a lot if you all would go download him from here:

I have put his files up on the dropboxes both for the personal and commercial tiers, under the christmas_2023 folders. 

I hope you have a lot of fun printing him, I did! As we speak I am printing a 200% full color version. I cant wait to see it finish printing 😀

Have a lovely saturday and happy printing!

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