Welcome to Sassiecat3d

Home of cute and fun flexi 3d models and more.

Welcome to Sassiecat3d

Sassiecat3d is a model designer that started her creative journey in 2021 when she bought her first 3d printer. In November 2021 she bought a Sculpto 2 pro, a tiny machine that got her into making her own models.
Since then she has created more than 86 unique designs, where some contains many iterations of the same.
On this site she uploads 3-5 models a month, that you can access thru a payed membership on Patreon or you can buy a single design on her Cults3d.

Design types

Sassiecat creates different designs:


These dragons are made to be printed in parts so you can do multicolor without an AMS or MMU system. You can print Big dragons on small printers also. The dragons can also be used as teaching tools.


A series of cute and fun animals, both real and fantasy. They are articulating and requires no supports. They print fast and easy.

Interior design

Bowls, wreaths and flowers, and also Christmas and other holiday decorations. All easy to print and fun to make.

Collaborations with other designers:

Collaborative design process: Every now and then Sassiecat joins forces with other designers to create a different style of models:


Sassiecat’s daughter is an aspiring designer and has created some models that she has published both on Patreon and Cults3d.


Sassiecat’s son who loves to create articulating designs, his monkey dragon is something he’s very proud of.

Patreon or Cults3d? what to choose…

If you want to get full access to my file catalog you can join my Patreon, on either commercial or personal Tier. Commercial Tier gives you access to selling my physically printed models (never my STL’s or 3MF files) and also gives you a special sellers badge. Personal tier gives you access to files that are only for personal use, but you get the adult dragons, unlike on cults3d where you only get the baby versions. You also gain access to my discord and a wonderful community that loves to help each other and have fun.

Cults3d is if you want to just buy a single file to print, I offer both personal and commercial options. You only have access to that specific file/files you buy, but the commercial licence that follows with this is a lifetime licence.