Next week and more

Hi everyone

I wanted to show you what I’m currently working on. I desided to make an egg for the Seadragons that all paying patreons are getting next week (tuesday for commercial and thursday for personal)
I came up with this egg idea while playing a dnd session online with some friends. Funny enough the dragonhead for Diamond the Seadragon was also made in the previous dnd session. I play a dragonborn wild magic sorceress, and apprently that got me inspired 🙂

Well what I wanted was just to show you the egg, and also show you the 240% dragonhead of Diamond that i’m currently printing on the x1-carbon. Its taken almost 3 days to print, but it’s so stunning in these colors. That blue is called Pale blue elixir from Cookiecad, and I totally LOVE it!

Later today I will also be posting photos, of todays release for commercial tier. I am excited for what you are getting today, and I hope you are too!

Have a wonderful day everyone and Happy printing!

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