First of all, a happy new years eve to you all! I hope you all stay safe and take care on this festive evening.

I want to say a hughe THANK YOU! to all that have joined my patreon. Its so amazing that you want to join and are here. I appriciate you all, free, personal tier or commercial tier!

My goal for 2024 is to be able to do 3d modeling as a full time job! Its so close now. If i hit about 300 paying members I can go full time, so at this point I just need another 104 to achive that.
I am truly amazed that I started this patreon the 3’erd of October and now not 3 months after, we have grown to such an amazing community! This is all thanks you all you members. So from the bottom of my heart Thank you all!

If you are a paying member, remember that i also have a discord server. Theres a lot going on there everyday. Its a good place to show of prints you’ve made, make new friends or see what other contrys and cultures do on a daily basis. We have a lot of fun and sometimes we even chat in the voice channel, while we paint or show what we are all making 🙂
If you have any suggestions the discord is also a really good place to go, I have a channel just for suggestions for models.

I want to thank my discord Admins! You help me out a lot and set a good friendly tone. I am amazed that we have this positive and lovely thriving community.

Now for tuesday (commercial tier) and for thursday (personal tier) you will be getting 2 very diffrent files. The first one is an old classic that I am remaking, its the birthday customisable dragon that will be made into a Build-a-dragon version and I will update the model on other key points as well. This means that i will discontinue the old one on my cults3d, its going to be the first ever model that I choose to take down again.
The new one will be uploaded on my cults3d next week. Usually I am against using the same model and selling it as a new one, but I truly love this idea of the fully customisable birthday dragon, so I want it to be better than the first version.

So what else are you getting, you are thinking……. well, I made the croissant dragon, and the coffee cups with lids, but i also wanted to make a coffeecup stash container with a lid with threads in it and another top design. So I made that, and it can be used instead of the usuall eggs for the croissant dragons, or as a stach container or for something diffrent entierly.

Now this post has become very long lol, but I just had a lot to say.  

Just as a last thing, tomorrow there will be a new sellers badge and this will be found for commercial tier under the commercial files instead of a diffrent folder like now. 

Also, I am making a post here on patreon tomorrow with the new passwords for the dropbox server and the links, these are for 1 month at a time, and they will be diffrent for personal and commercial tiers.

So Happy new year and take care! See you all on the other side <3 



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